Sales terms and conditions for customers who do business for the first time with us:

1. Once our company has received your first order, you will receive a FAX or E-MAIL as soon as possible of a proforma invoice with the details of the items you have ordered.

2. When you have examined and agreed you must send us a signed copy of the pro forma, including a bank receipt with approximately 15% of the total amount of the proforma invoice.
The order will be considered definitive after having made this deposit and never before.

3. Taking the date of the bank deposit as a reference, our company will need a minimum of 4 weeks and maximum 6 to finish your merchandise as ordered. This commitment will be given in writing.

4. After this period of time for manufacturing your personalized order, the customer will have to deposit the rest of the total quantity of the invoice.

5. Once the deposit has been received, the company will immediately send your order by UPS or FEDEX.

6. The insurance of the items sent to you is being paid for by our company in all cases, regardless the amount of the order.

7. The shipping charges will be covered by our company as well provided that business operations are above 6000 dollars or 6000 euros.
For amounts between 3000 dollars or 3000 euros and 6000 dollars/euros, the delivery will be paid 50% by customers and 50% by our company.  
And for orders below 3000 dollars or 3000 euros, the shipping will always be paid by customers including the cost in the invoice.

8. We only do business with wholesalers, and therefore a minimum purchase amount is required depending on the model, ranging between 6 and 24 pieces. As a general rule, the minimum order will be 12 pairs per model.

You should have any queries, please feel free to contact us.